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Swaying Bugs
As the breeze picks up, the aphids hang on bravely to the swinging weed... :-)
Lakeside View
A nice quiet corner of the 'Pondage'....
Some ominous clouds help to silhouette the sunset horizon
Emerging from the smoke, a water bomber swoops in during a bush fire...
Bugs on a Stalk
A group of bugs are having a great time investigating a weed...
A duck takes a break from its hectic routine for a bit of 'down' time... :-)
Seeing the feast, Buzzy comes in for a landing... :-)
A Wintery Sun
On a drizzlely day, the sun breaks through to highlight the grass along an otherwise nondescript fence.
Film Veteran
A well-worn film veteran from the sixties carries its scars proudly in a digital world...
Old but Good...
A 60 year od Rolleiflex E, still going strong.
The Big Beak Gang..!
"Don't mess with us or we'll fluff our feathers in your general direction!"
Über Mushroom :-)
A bowl shape mushroom towers over its surrounds - in a small way...
Hazelwood from Strzlecki H'way
A cloud appears over Hazelwood power station
Where's our Fish...?!?
A couple of tough charecters looking down their beaks at the human without a bucket of fish
Demonstrating how to look down it's nose, a haughty swamp-hen glares at the camera... :-)
Mini Titans
Maybe, the denizens of the grass forest see these small flowers as towering titans of their world... Call it perspective. :-)
Smooth Waters
On a day without wind, the waters of the Hazelwood Pondage were like a http://
Rooftop Garden
A mushroom has a nice little garden started on its roof... :-)
Swaying Bugs Lakeside View Silhouettes Fire..! Bugs on a Stalk Smoko... Approach A Wintery Sun Film Veteran Old but Good... The Big Beak Gang..! Über Mushroom :-) Hazelwood from Strzlecki H'way Where's our Fish...?!? Swamphen Mini Titans Smooth Waters Rooftop Garden
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